Conference Programme

We’re very excited to confirm the full programme of papers and panels for the conference.

All panels, as well as lunch and registration, will take place in the Foster Court building, while the keynote speech will take place 30 seconds along Malet Place in the Roberts Engineering building.

“Playing Games”
May 24th 2013, University College London

9.15 – 9.45
Registration and coffee | Foster Court 229

9.45 – 11.05
“Economies” | Foster Court 132

Alex Pavey, UCL | Chair
Dominic Walker, UCL | ‘Just play?’: Ludicrous economies in the work… play… work… of Samuel Beckett
George Potts, UCL | ‘Play or get played’ – The rigged game of The Wire
Jordan Savage, Essex | Harmony Korine’s Spring Break as Late-Capitalist Survival Guide

11.05 – 11.20
Coffee break | Foster Court 229

11.20 – 12.40
“Forms” / “Diversions”

“Forms” | Foster Court 243
Kate Maltby, UCL | Chair
Adam Duell, Keele | Choose your own adventure: DayZ and the rise of emergent social gameplay in online games
Calum Gardner (Cam.) | Veronica Forrest-Thomson’s Language-Games
Becky Varley-Winter (Cam.) | ‘Disordering the rhythm’: Vladimir Mayakovsky, Stéphane Mallarmé, and Difficulty as Play

“Diversions” | Foster Court 132
Eliza Cubbitt , UCL | Chair
Keith Cheung, UCL | Rise of the Romantic Child: Rescuing the Self Through Play
Sebastian Thede, LMU, Munich | Unfulfilled projects: The gambler’s play and the gambler’s writing in Honoré de Balzac’s novels

12.40 – 1.30
Lunch | Foster Court 229

1.30 – 2.50
“Digressions” / “Mimeses”

“Digressions” | Foster Court 243
Luke Davies, UCL | Chair
Elly Thomas, UCL Slade | Eduardo Paolozzi’s Toy Kits
Yva Jung, UCL Slade | Game as Method/Absurdity as Medium
Rye Dag Holmboe, UCL | The Prince – Mark Wallinger’s Sleeper

“Mimeses” | Foster Court 132
Elsa Court, UCL | Chair
Heather Scott, UCL | Black Face, White Face, No Face: Making a Mockery of Mimicry in Larsen’s Passing
Rebecca Hahn, Tübingen | Role-playing and reality in Sylvia Townsend Warner’s But at the Stroke of Midnight
David Anderson, UCL | ‘The Journey Is Its Own Reward’ – Interplay of real and fictive spaces

2.50 – 3.00

3.00 – 4.20
“Mnemonics” / “Conflicts”

“Mnemonics” | Foster Court 243
Karina Jacobs, UCL | Chair
Rob Lederer, Edinburgh | Archival Play and Self Analysis
Kate McEnery, KCL | Play and the ‘Potential Space’ in D.W. Winnicott and The Red Balloon
Roberta Klimt, UCL | ‘Sentimental hoaxing’ – uses of play in Leonard Cohen’s The Favourite Game.

“Conflicts” | Foster Court 132
Kate Maltby, UCL | Chair
Collette Osgun, UCL | Political Community Theatre and Collaborative “Play” in the Case of 7:84 (Scotland)’s The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil
Charles Morton, Shakespeare Institute, Birmingham | ‘Ring me. We’ll have a game’: Playing games as a sublimation of conflict in Harold Pinter’s Betrayal
Kaye McLelland, UCL | ‘That Way Goes the Game’: Literature as the festive playground of early modern life

4.20 – 5.00
Afternoon Reception (Foster Court) and move towards the Engineering Building

5.00 – 5.45
Keynote Speaker: Martin Creed | Roberts 106 (Engineering Building)


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